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 We make sure to give our clients our utmost attention and dedication.

We are proud to showcase the following testimonials from some of our valued clients and candidates.

"A very experienced, professional and an exceptional recruiter. He is very creative and articulate in everything he does. He is very disciplined and always finds the right person for the right job and makes it look so easy. He is a dedicated team player, who approaches challenges with grace, and excels at relationship building. He is engaging with his candidates and builds partnerships with his Hiring Managers. I would love to work with him again in the future. "

Vice President IT/ Chief Information Officer
James T.

"Every once in a while, you come across a professional that completely lives up to their reputation.  He is one of the most sincere, professional, results-driven recruiters I have ever met. He thoroughly prepares you for every aspect of the company he presents and how to communicate with each of the stakeholders within the interview process. If you are an information technology professional seeking a new career opportunity within
the import/export or distribution industry, I could not recommend him enough.
His tenacity, industry relationships and "can-do" attitude will help you land your desired role. Contact him, folks!"

Sr. Director, Enterprise IT Operation & Infrastructure
Erik M.

"I highly recommend him. I worked with a few recruiters during my job search; He was the first one to call me and discuss my career goal. He is very detailed and professional.
He provided clear and detailed guidance, personalized my resume and job searching strategy. His experience and knowledge in food industry gave me many needed insight information."

VP Technical Services
Frank W.

"I can highly recommend the services and talent, having known him for several years now.
He has the highest integrity and always works for the common good, being very selfless in his development of the best results for his clients.Too few good people like him are found in the business world. You cannot go wrong when you work with a partner like him. His background in HR and IT technology solutions are par none."

Vice President, Human Resources
Vivien W.

"He is an excellent professional executive and has a solid expertise in multiple industries.
He has strong execution and delivery and experience in global supply chain, logistics, transportation, and manufacturing. He would be a valuable key asset to any organization.
I would highly recommend him."

Senior Director
Edward S.

"His greatest quality is his integrity. He is also an exceptional leader and highly productive individual. You can depend on him, to be honest, professional and helpful no matter what the situation.I have known him for many years and trust his judgment when choosing candidates."

President and CEO
John G.

"She is a very detail oriented and super friendly recruiter.
She is 100% there to help you find the perfect job that matches to your work skills and experiences. If you are looking for work, I would highly recommend you to speak to her."

Corporate Sales
Simon L.

"One of the most caring and giving executive I had the pleasure of encountering.
He cares not only the successes you are able to achieve but also your personal well-being.
Working with him was an adventure and a blessing."

Director of Product Management 
Herman C.

"I had a chance to work with him as a recruiter who reached out to me for a position he was looking to fill. During our interactions, I found him to be a person of very high integrity who was both friendly and highly knowledgeable about the company and tech industry. He was very professional and courteous and went out of his way to build a relationship with me beyond just being another candidate for a potential position. I appreciated the chance of getting to know him better and recommend him as a recruiter to anyone given his general business acumen, knowledge of the IT market and sincerity in getting to know you as both a candidate and a person."

Sr. Director of Global Product Marketing and Management 
Paul C.

"He is an excellent executive recruiter, as he takes a deep interest in seeking out
the right talent for each role he is looking to fill. Not only does he place a high value on client service, but also goes the extra mile to work with candidates to make sure they can take advantage of great career opportunities.I have worked with him on a couple of searches now, and have found him to be a pleasure to work with. He is also driven to make his practice stand out from the competition, and is always looking for ways to grow his business as well as his skill set. I recommend working with him."

Strategic Marketing Executive 
Luke G.

"He is an experienced and principled professional who has a knack for viewing the business holistically and identifying opportunities for improvement. He brings an excellent mix of vision and execution to each project. He is an outstanding choice as a business partner."

Marketing Director
Keith B.

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